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When should I consider another drug?

Posted by kelliedj

My dog suffered a slipped disc about four days ago so we had to take a trip to the emergency vet.  Since then he's been on three different types of medication; rimadyl, tramadol, and valium.  He has run out of the valium prescription and is almost done with his rimadyl.  He has a few more days of the tramadol left.  He has also been on STRICT kennel rest.  I called my vet the other day and they said they could put him on a prescription of prednisone.  I have read about some of the negative side effects and I'm not sure I want to put him through those since he's already been through so much.  What is your take on prednisone? 
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Prednisone, like any of the other cortisone-like steroids, is a very good medication for many problems...when used properly.  To indict a drug without considering all the ramifications is counter-productive.

Prednisone is frequently used when dealing with disc problems, mainly for its anti-inflammatory benefits.  If used at proper dosages and for the proper length of time, you should see nothing but the benefits of the drug.  There can be short-term side effects, such as increased thirst, urinatons, and possibly appetite...but those disappear when the drug is stopped.

Helpful Buckeye

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