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When dogs are on antibiotics do they need healthy flora probiotics like humans?

Posted by drake

My dog is on an aggressive antibiotic treatment after his nasal and throat cultures came back.  Do dogs need probiotics to keep the healthy flora in their digestive tract or is this just for humans.  If they do need probiotics can they eat yogurt for digestive health that is unsweeten or do they need an animal specific probiotic.

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If the animal is on an oral antibiotic, probiotics that help maintain the normal population of intestinal bacteria can be helpful.  A good quality plain yogurt can be used, but if you've never given your dog yogurt before, start with very small amounts because occasionally an animal can't tolerate it. You don't want to give your dog diarrhea trying to prevent him from getting diarrhea. :-) If you notice his stool getting softer, then I'd use a probiotic product made specifically for animals instead.
Thank you for your quick response.  Timing is everything.  Its good to know our pets need healthy flora also. 
My dog has had several antiobiotics for his mouth , respiratory track and nostril infections..he is recovering on those but his stool is green in color and his urine doesnt have an odor. He has taken oral and antiobitc injections as well. Please let me know if i could give him some yogurt?? He is a Bichon Frize, 4 years old!
Also his eye ball ( on the right eye ) seems to stand out a little bit...he has had a kidney test and result declared it normal.
When I, or my dogs, take antibiotics (which we generally do when there's no other alternative), we supplement with healthy flora.  A human dose is based on a 150 pound person, so dose accordingly. If you give the antibiotic morning and night, give the flora at noon.  Always give it away from the antibiotic.
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