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what would cause a kitten(3mths) to drool excessively, have loose stool,(with a small amount of blood) and almost act like it is

Posted by abarnes

he has been meowing like its scared or hurting and is sporatically running around, almost like in a panic. Please someone help me. THis is  a kitten from a stray mama that came to our house. I don't have to money to take him to the vet, because I am taking care of my father. I just need some kind of direction. I am trying to comfort him and really don't want to see him suffer.:(
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Well this is really something that you need to see a professional for because it's very difiicult to diagnose what could be the problem. What you can do to help is to make sure your kitten is hydrated since loose stools can rob the kitten of valuable fluids and other essential vitamins and minerals. Can you see the the third eyelid (called the haw)? That's usually an indication that something is wrong. I hope your kitten starts to feel better, we wish you all the best. 
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