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What was the probable cause of what killed my dog, is my other dog at risk?

Posted by japugh

I had a dog (about 5 yrs old) that suddenly died. He was bleeding from each paw and his mouth. I've since moved my other dog indoors to protect her from anything that may have caused this, or does it even sound like something he was exposed to or completely internal?

The dog that died was a mix breed we saved from a shelter about 3 years ago. Was estimated 2 yrs old when we got him.  Did not have any signs of cracked paws.

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Sorry, but with the amount of information you've provided, it would be impossible to even offer a guess as to why your dog has died.  There are too many variables that would need to be addressed in order to give you a better answer.

I hope you are more fortunate with your other dog.

Helpful Buckeye

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