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what otc medications are safe to administer to canines with ear infection?

Posted by enigmaelle

My beagle is about 3.5 yrs old and she is diplaying symptoms of a possible ear infection,mainly by shaking her head frequently and occasionally scratching at her right ear, in particular. We have tried to keep tabs on the situation by frequently cleaning her ears , as she has been shaking her head a good deal in the last 2 days or so. Her right ear in particular has been extremely clogged and filled with dirt and or ear wax(its black sticky, gunky stuff) that we have been  removing with increasing frquency , however, it is now apparent that she is becoming more physically uncomfortable and i want to know what over the counter remedies can be administered to her (that are safe for canines) to allviate some of the ear discomfort that she appears to be having, just until I can get her to her vet to be examined>


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If you have a dark discharge, the two most likely causes are ear mites or a yeast infection. The debris from the former tends to be drier whereas yeast infections have (to me) a definite yeasty musty smell. If you have other pets, including cats, check their ears, too. If you see the same dark debris, chances are you're dealing with ear mites.  Olive oil at room temperature or slightly warmed will calm down a mite infestation. A half and half white vinegar and water solution is an effective cleanser for ears with yeast ones.

The key to treating ears is to have the animal fully under your control when you do it and not to go poking around with Q-tips so you don't worsen the problem.

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