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What could have caused my Cat's eyes to be Dilated for over seven hours, and counting, today?

Posted by swtbbjayne

We noticed this afternoon around 1pm that one of our three cats, had her puplis dilated. It was a little freeky, because she was not hunting and the the sun was out and all the lights were on. I looked around to my son, husband, and other two cats to see if any one else was have the same reaction. And nobody else was. We thought it could be a reaction to some catnip, on a toy, that I gave them the day before. But it is now 7 1/2 hours after I first noticed and at least 24hrs since giving her the toy, and her eyes are sitt just as big in the bright lights. I was watching her very closely And it seems she is having trouble seeing, as if her vision has gone, or that it is hard to see with her eyes so dilated. (I know it is hard to focus for me when my eyes are dilated, so it makes sence) But I am worried the there could be something really wrong with her.  She has been shedding a very large amount latly and seems to be a bit thin. Could these things be related and what could be the cause of her pupil dilation?
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She has renal failure and hight BP. And she is fully blind. We are going to try to make her feel better by flushing out her system IV with Lactated Ringers, 100cc a day. From what my vet has told us , and I'v seen on line, this is a very common issue in cats... The kidney failure. Good luck to everyone else out their with similar problems Like this.

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