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What Could Cause My 3 Year Old Cat To Suddenly Have A Swollen Throat And Itchy Ears?

Posted by eggzRliquidchikn

The Swelling Of The Chin And Ears Is Predominately On The Right Side, On The Chin, Close To Her Mouth. There Doesnt Seem To Be Any Lesions, Just Swelling. It Seems Painful To The Touch. Ive Wiped Down Her ears And Chin With A Warm Compress A Few Times, And Used A Cat Friendly ear Cleaner To Clean The Inside Of Her Ears (which seems to help for about an hour). I Had A Friend Say Possibly An Allergic Reaction To Something. Ive Been Told To Mix 1/3 Of A benadryl Tablet Into Her Food Or Water, But Im Not Sure If Its An Allergic Reaction. I Dont Have The Money To Pay For A Visit To The Vet...Please Help.
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An allergic reaction is a possibility and, if that's what it is and your cat is fine otherwise, any swelling should gradually go down on its own. If warm (or cool) compresses make your cat more comfortable, then applying them at regular intervals can be used.

As far as benadryl or any other over-the-counter medications go, I would never recommend their use without discussing this with a veterinarian who knows the cat. Cats often don't respond to medications the same way people and dogs do. Drugs that cause us no problem or have one effect may be toxic or behave in a quite different manner in cats. If your cat does not improve, she should be seen by a veterinarian. If you can't afford such a visit, ask the veterinarian if he/she will accept time payments or see if your local shelter can help you.

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