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What could cause dry coughing from deep in the lungs?

Posted by Von

He seems to cough more in high humidity. 
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I have had an unexplained cough for thirteen years which started with a cold. The cold went away but the cough has stayed. I have been to many specialists and treated for everything from acid reflux disease to pulminary problems. I have been on bags of drugs and inhailers and steriods overthe years. I have had many tests that come up negitive. I have recently had a series of tests alergy, exrays, cat scans even dye in the lungs. Basically all negitive. I am going to see a specialist in Boston and hopefully some answers with positive results. I feel your pain I can't even stand it any more. This cough has ruined my life.


Your question is a little too general to give you a thorough answer.  Is this a dog or a cat?  How old is it?  How long has this cough been evident?  Does he seem to be otherwise pretty healthy?

Coughing can be a pretty general sign of some type of irritation, infection, or other problem in the respiratory system and, to determine a possible cause, takes more information.

Helpful Buckeye



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