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What causes puppies passing meconium before birth resulting in death


My golden retriever just had a littler of puppies.  When the fifth puppy delivered, the sac, the water and the puppy were dark green.  The puppy had obviously been dead for a while.  The two puppies that were born after and dead one also died.

 What causes this?  I bred my golden to a well bred male that is very close to her size.  She is an inside/outside dog, very well taken care of, good nutrition and exercise. 

She had the puppies on the 61st day past breeding. 

 If anyone knows why, this happens, please let me know.  Thanks

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This is a question that can only be answered with "ideas" of the what may have caused this.    Without a necropsy done on the dead pups you will never know for sure.   The necropsy may not even be definitive as to why....

These things just happen sometimes,  maybe too many puppies in the litter or the puppies were crowded and not able to develop properly.  

Poor nutrition on both the sire and dam's account.   Not sure what your definiation of good nutrition is but if it was simply a kibble diet of puppy food then no matter what a conventional vet may have told you, that is NOT adequate nutrition for a bitch in whelp.  :-(

 Hopefully the surviving pups are doing well. 


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