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what causes deadly seizures in dogs, when they had never had one before and brain swelling?

Posted by MoMo09

my dog, he was completely healthy and one day he just strted having sizures, they started out 45 minuites apart, and as we were driving him to the vet, he had 4 and the vet was only 15 minuites away... 2 days later he died... its killing me that i dont know who/what  killed him when there was nothing that could have killed him....  and no one has an answer for what killed my dog.. he was an Alaskan siberian husky and only a year and a half.. please help
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Seizures may be caused by toxins, infections, trauma, or brain problems that may have been present since birth but didn't bother the dog until he reached maturity. There is also a catch-all phrase, "idiopathic epilepsy" that refers to seizures of unknown origin.  Some of these may have a strong behavioral component while others result from causes that have yet to be determined. It is also possible that it wasn't the seizures themselves that killed your dog, but rather the failure of other organ(s) that couldn't meet the demand the seizures placed upon them for some reason.  Only  a complete post-mortem on your dog could give you the concrete answers you understandably want.  But even that might only eliminate probable causes without telling you what the actual cause was.
they just cam out of the blue, i didnt want to get a autopsy done on him.. i loved him too much to let them carve at him like he was nothing, there were no toxins, my other dog would have gotten to them too, and he chews everything, hes a 5 month old lab puppy.. anyways back to mo, even sadated at the vet, they said he was dehydrated and needed fluids... but he couldnt have the iv because of the seizures, he kept ripping all of the tubes out.. about an hour before he died i got a call and they said he was dying fast, i wanted to come see him but the vet wouldnt let me in the room.. they said ( and I quote) " Im sorry, but even most of my staff cant bare to see him." I asked why, and if he was seizing that bad and he said " no, we got the sizures to stop, but hes bleeding out of his nose, mouth, eyes and ears" What would cause that, at first i thought, maby just maby, he had a siezure and cracked a rib which caused the bleeding... but that wouldnt cause the eye and ear bleeding would it..??? But i have one more question for you, do you thing our under ground eletric fence had a part in it? if so.. what should i do about my puppy... will it hurt him too?  Thanks -Kay- 
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