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What can you use to stop a tongue from bleeding?

Posted by rae7

Our 8 year old Aussie injured her tongue two weeks ago. It bled off and on for a couple of days and quit.Last night she reinjured the same spot (under her tongue, on the side in kind of a circle) and it is bloody...not dripping but seeping. Can I give her something that will help it heal or clot? doesn't look like it could be stitched.
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The tongue can be sutured but only if really necessary.  If her tongue stopped bleeding once, it most likely will do so again.  Try giving her shaved ice in her water bowl instead of water for a few days.  If that doesn't work, have your veterinarian check it out in case there is a foreign body of some sort that is keeping the wound from healing.  The tongue may also benefit from a little electro-cautery.

Helpful Buckeye

its a kid ... not a dog
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