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What can I do, or at least try to do, to cure my dog who has lung cancer ?

Posted by ivo

My dog has a liver cancer that I managed to shrink by a lot by giving him Sylimarin pils and a lot of vitamin B (in fact my vet couldn't find that cancer at all on ultrasound, and two years ago cancer was 3.5 cm large).
But yesterday I found out that my dog has 3 metastasis of 0.5-1 cm on his lungs. Vets are not giving me good prognosis  and I don't know what to do?
I did a bit online search and I found out that there are some ways to kill the cancer by mobilizing immune system by using Beta-Glucan, and some herbal medicine such as IMMUNOMAX AHCC and Echinacea.
I also found on
that using some dead bacterias  in dogs is proven to shrink tumors as it stimulates immune system.
Now, I don't know what to do.
PLEASE GIVE ME SOME ADVICE. Are these herbs going to help my dog, and where could I find those bacterias listed above to be administered on my dog.
PLEASE if you have any other idea of how can I help my dog or any advice please tell me, I am desperate.
Thank you a lot
Sincerely, I.S.
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As a veterinary naturopath I would personally put my dog on an all raw, whole meat and bone diet to start with, then you can add supplements, herbs, beta-glucan, etc.  

Nutrition is the foundation and the place to start for any healing and cleansing of dis-ease.  

Veterinary Naturopaths (and some holistic vets ) are available for phone or email consultations to help you decide on the best treatments however, they will all start you out with your dog's diet.....  :-)

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