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What can cause quarter size bald spots on a 2 yr old dog?

Posted by ChaCha7789

BREED:American Bulldog/Black Lab
AGE:2 yr

 She has three quarter size bald spots that began as just plain bumps. now that the "bump" is gone, they are just rough skinned bald spots. What is it and what can I do?

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Where these spots are located, how long they have been evident, and whether or not they were itchy for your dog would help determine a better answer for you.

If the bare skin that has been exposed by the hair loss is not red, but just appears dry and perhaps a bit flaky, you may be dealing with a fungal infection (ring worm)....

If so, some fungal infections can be contagious to other pets and humans.  An exam by your veterinarian would be appropriate.

Helpful Buckeye

Is there a way to be sure with out taking her to the vet? just curious since funds are extremely tight.

Since you first noticed the "bumps" on your dog, have any new ones shown up?  If not, perhaps you won't have to do anything at this time.  Since we don't know for sure what these spots are, you should still watch them for any changes.  Certain skin infections will be self-limiting and resolve pretty well without any medication. 

On the chance that this was a fungal infection, I would suggest you still keep small children from contacting your dog and you should be sure to wash your hands after touching her.

Have you checked with any of the animal shelters or humane societies in your community about whether or not they are providing any medical assistance for pet owners with financial difficulty?

Good luck.

Helpful Buckeye

No other spots have come up. Only the three existing ones. and they are just bald spots now. And my husband is a medic in the military,and he doesn't think it is ring worm since he had it a couple times as a child.
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