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What can cause a dog to have swollen testicles?

Posted by Jenny1830

All of a sudden our black lab started crying and then shaking as if scared or cold and has not been very active for over 24 hours. We noticed today that he was whimpering while trying to use the bathroom. Also, his testicals are very swollen...what could cause this?
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One common cause of sudden swelling of the testicles is a contact allergy. In that case, in addition to the area being swollen, it will also be inflamed/pink and warm to some extent. I recall several dogs who sat or laid on cloths or clothing that had traces of gasoline or other chemicals who wound up with a whopping reaction because this area is so sensitive. Certain plants such as nettles could also cause this.  If the swelling and irritation is severe enough, it can make urination painful. Another possibility is an infection of some sort. Ifyou haven't already, I'd gently wash the area and thoroughly rinse it. Then have him checked by your veterinarian.
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