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What can be the causes for vomiting and diarreah in a Yorkie of 6 week old?

Posted by paboni

What might be the cause of nausea and diarrhea in my yorkie?  Coincidently this began a day after visit his brothers and sister. Last night I visit my husband’s daughter and he was so alert. I am giving him dry food for puppy and he eat normal but last night she gave to the other puppies can meal and he eat with the others. He was good, and this morning he wake up good, was playing with me etc. I went to take a bath and leave him in the bath with me and when I finished and look for him he was vomiting. He only has almost 7 weeks and I didn’t take him to the vet yet for his first shoot. Can be that the reason? Could be because he ate the other food? I know that I should take him to the vet but I don’t have any money until Friday and today is Wednesday. I am worried, I don’t want to anything happen to him. What should I give him to eat if he still vomiting and having diarrhea?

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Unfortunately, there are so many things that can cause this problem in young animals, it's impossible to say. He could have just become over-stressed by all the activity, or the change in food could have irritated his gut. Or he might have gotten into something while you were in the shower. If he's still doing this today, call your veterinarian and describe his symptoms and that you won't be able to pay until Friday. Given the size and age of  this pup, most vets would want to see the animal asap.
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