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What Are the Possible Side Effects of Pet Medication and How to Overcome Them?

Posted Apr 04 2011 10:29am

In these modern days, whenever our pets get to feel ailments, we immediately rush to pet pharmaceuticals to buy pet meds, or if there is still time, we undoubtedly rush him to his veterinarian for a fervent check up. Maybe that is how modern medicine has influenced us in treating any types of illnesses. But have we thought of the possible side effects of pet medications?

Pet medications are known to cure any pet diseases, whether it be serious or not at all. These medicines are introduced to us by experts and have been given to us as prescription medicines whenever we consult the help of pet doctors. However, there are also pet remedies that need not to be bought with prescription. These types of treatments are called generic medicines and have been widely used by pet owners who believe that their pets don’t need to be consulted to any vets at all. These meds can cure and are proven safe though.

We should take note that we could not administer any pet drugs to our beloved pets, unless, if it is prescribed by their vets. This works most to those pets who have unknown allergies yet, since some of these pet meds may contain ingredients that are not good for them. On the contrary, generic pet remedies are called ‘generic’ because they have been proven safe for all. But how sure can we be if it is not still given to our pets as treatment? Basically, the results follow obviously after a thing is done.

Any medication should be taken with a right dosage. You can not just diagnose something to your pet if you are not sure of what the proper amount of medicine should be given to him. One unlikable result due to improper giving of dosage would be over dosage. This one can be a hazard to your pets because if not treated immediately, this can eventually result to death.

Another side effect , if improper dosage is given, is the trigger on allergies and other infections. In most cases, as mentioned above, some animals have these ‘hidden’ allergies. These allergies would just appear when triggered by something that can offend the immune system. So let us be very careful in giving them shots.

Well, there are a lot of side effects of pet medications when excessive dosage has been given. Another one that contributes to any unwanted situations in treating pets is, giving treatments even if you still don’t know what the medicine is made up, or is it apt for his health condition or not.

The best option you could get to avoid hazards in giving not suitable pet meds is to consult the veterinarian. It is our utmost duty as responsible pet owners to submit our pets to their doctors for a regular check up. Pets are just like humans; they still feel illnesses and experience aging. The only difference is that, they can not tell us directly whether they are feeling something bad in their system.

Pet meds are very helpful in easing out the pain our pets experience whenever they have illnesses. Nevertheless, loving our pets means taking care of them heedfully. As these pet remedies can solve any pet health issues, we should inculcate into our minds that no matter how good a medicine is, if improperly administered, possible side effects of pet medications may occur. It is important then to consult or ask the help of veterinarians, and conduct a little research about the medicine too. Be sure to follow all the necessary instructions to avoid casualties.

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