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What are the end stage signs of feline mammary cancer? What should I look for? What organ(s) are affected first when the end is

Posted by Linda

Female cat. 14 yrs. Removal of initial lump definitevely diagnosed mammary cancer. Opted for no further surgery.  Too stressful for her. Opted for chemo.  One treatment carbo which proved unsuccessful.  More lumps.  Two treatments so far of adryamicin.  More lumps noted after second.  Another appnt. tomorow w/oncologist. Will ask him these questions, too.  But wanted others' answers now.  We know it's terminal, but need to know what to look for and what's affected first when she starts to decline.  Had cats all my life, know when they're in distress.  But never one w/cancer.  Thanks Linda.
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Thanks so much for the note you sent.  Hopefully, your efforts with your cat will be rewarded with an extended period of "quality" time for you and her.  Every cat responds differently to these circumstances.  Best wishes!

Helpful Buckeye

You have already done more for your cat than a lot of cat owners would be able to do.  Depending on how big the lumps get, how invasive they become, and where the cancer spreads to, you might see various changes take place.  Most of these will be reflected as a state of "doing poorly"...not eating, lethargy, and reluctance to move around much.  If she still maintains an appetite and shows any interest at all in her surroundings, you might be able to nurse her along for awhile.
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