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What about Hydrocodone cough syrup for my pet? This was perscribed by a vet I have never been to before.

Posted by onenfaith01

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Hydrocodone is a valuable medication for certain problems, such as kennel cough.  It helps to reduce the coughing/gagging spasms so that the dog can feel a little better while recuperating from the disease.  It is available in both liquid and tablet form. 

If the medicine was properly prescribed for a specific problem and the veterinarian actually saw and examined your dog, you should have no concerns about using it.

Helpful Buckeye

When my dog had a bad cough, hydrocodone was ineffective. I also prefer natural products. My holistic vet recommended Children's Cough and Bronchial Syrup from B&T. I get it at the health food store, but it is available on-line. It worked better and faster than the hydrocodone and was less expensive.

 Jan Rasmusen

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