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Was my canine diagnosis of having Pancreatitis with no symptoms CORRECT?

Posted by Marty13104

My dog's AMYL (1780) and LIPA(>6000) blood test taken 2 times w/in 1 week MAR0309 by VET. Ultarasound, Pancrea was normal. Dog has NO SYMPTOMS under Pancreatitis diagnosis. I was inform, my dog has Pancreatitis due to blood test ..note all his other bloodtest are normal..kidney,liver,CHEM.Triglyceride HG 176. So now he is eating Purina OM food and taking S-Adenosyl-225 pill... Should I con't and have VET retest him w/in a month... Note, dog was taking T4 Thyroxine .3mg. I thought this was the reason of elevation and/or toxins that cause this issue. Vet said NO.. I am not sure.. I took him off the pill 02MAR09 .. Help
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Whether or not your dog has pancreatitis depends on how you define pancreatitis. If it's defined purely in terms of amylase and lipase test results, your dog has it. On the other hand, if the diagnosis is also based on how the dog looks and acts and other meds and/or problems the dog has in addition to those test results, then it's posssible that something else is going on.

It sounds like the real problem is that you and your vet aren't communicating.  Making an appointment to see the veterinarian without your dog and discussing your concerns and hearing his/her rationale could be helpful. If you believe you can't communicate openly with that person, then finding a practitioner with whom you can would be better for you and your dog. Although I can understand why you took your dog off the thyroid medication, this could make this already muddy diagnostic situation even muddier and could, if the replacement T4 was the cause of or contributing to the elevated blood values, create problems with the other medication once the levels of T4 go down.

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