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Warm your dog with feet booties and Dog sitter

Posted Jan 02 2013 6:11am

Having a dog at home winter falls in, it makes the work for all dog owners to take of them. Christmas is round the corner and the fall in temperature is pretty obvious. And this cannot be taken as an excuse to avoid outdoor exercise for your dog.  If the climate and your work do not provide you with so much time to spend around your pet, you can always go with an option of hiring a sitter from any of the dog sitting service providers. This will not only make your work simple and easy but your pet is not left alone during the occasion.

 Every dog is different by its breed

Every breed has its own way to take the cold climate during Christmas but it is our duty to keep them safe all the time during winters. Dog sitters can make them feel warm with some warm clothes stitched from your old woolen clothes.  This way, you can keep your pet away from cold and at the same time, he can enjoy his outdoor outing in the snow being beside his new dog sitter. Some breeds can tolerate the winter as they develop a thick coat on their skin which helps them to survive in the weather but some need a protection which can save them from cold. Dog sitter is usually appointed on the basis of their experience and the love they have for the pets.

Dog booties to save your dog delicate paws

They are the best after the owners to hold responsible to take care of your pet. When you are purchasing a coat or a sweater, you can make sure it has a high color or a turtleneck which can cover every inch of your pet. For the feet, dog booties are available and these will keep your dog’s feet safe and a good barrier from chemicals and salts present in the snow lying on the pavement or the roads.  When his new dog sitters is taking him for a walk outside make sure his booties are on so that he can enjoy his walk like he does always.

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