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Walking In Sync With Your Dog

Posted Mar 24 2013 6:50pm

Feed_Me_Seymore I’m sure you all know already I am an animal naturopath NOT a dog trainer. I have need for improvement in this area and I do take guidance from those who I believe are sharing valid, viable information that way.

Recently my best friend, colleague and business partner, Dr. Jeannie Thomason , was offered to try a new “system” with her own dogs for walking. Even though her dogs are all trained for the show ring and basic obedience trained, she thought it wouldn’t hurt to try the system with her one male that tends to try and lead out too far – even though she was skeptical of it working. It worked and she was impressed. So she told me about the system. I was offered to also test it out.

While it hasn’t worked as well with King as I had hoped (we do LOVE the leash!!!), what I have appreciated about this system, (even more so after we talked to its inventor, Alecia Evans) is all of the thought, care and consideration for the canine that has gone into its creation. Alecia has her background in biomechanics, as well as being a holistic dog trainer. She has really done a lot of work on this to make life better for dog owners and gentler, more humane for dogs. By the way, she does have a book coming out soon so stay tuned to her website for that announcement too.

So I am going to share this system with you because I think this could be the solution for many of you with your dogs. I was amazed over and over again by the videos I watched and the change in the dogs. While this system does not take away the human responsibility of training and working with your dog – a dog that knows its boundaries is going to be a happy dog, which makes us happier humans – it is a very viable solution for many of you having difficulty with walking your dogs on-lead.

Also take into consideration that a conventional system of choke collar, regular collar, martingale, etc., can and does put a lot of pressure on the throat of your dog, especially a dog that is really pulling on the lead. Traditionally the pressure is going to be right over the thyroid area causing more harm and damage to the thyroid. With all the use of vaccines and commercial junk food, the thyroid is already in way too much trouble as it is. We don’t need to add more insult to more injury. I won’t even mention some of the harsher methods as those shouldn’t even be a consideration with all of the alternatives we have available today…but unfortunately they still are. :-(

The system Alecia invented is called the Walk In Sync . Alecia has put together the system and an awesome website to help you see just how the system works. She also will work with you to ensure you are using the system correctly and give tips on how to also train us humans to better work with our dogs.

As for King, we are working with him slowly but surely and we are using the Walk In Sync lead which as I said we love. I am also using some essential oils on him to assist him in this journey along with increased exercise, working with him daily and most importantly adjusting how WE interact with King. He is an amazing, smart little dog with such a big heart. He just needs some stricter boundaries than say a dog like our Meshach did. Different breeds, different personalities, different needs even though they all have similar canine needs, they are also individuals with individual needs. If we take the time to learn and work with our dogs, we’d all see much happier, better adjusted dogs.

I think many people just give up on their dogs before they have given them half a chance – WE are the problem NOT the dog. I am hoping for many dogs, Alecia’s Walk In Sync system will give more dogs that chance they may not have gotten otherwise.

We are also sharing the system with our neighbor’s dog, Stella – the reason we have King. Stella’s owners have been using much harsher methods with her and our hope is the Walk In Sync system will be her saving grace – she deserves it.

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!

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