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Posted Dec 11 2009 10:26pm

Canines and Their Companions: Iggy and Karen Derr!

Karen_Derr_03I was really excited to get this opportunity to spotlight a Houstonian that I think is not only a great role model, but one that has helped to shape Houston to the city we are today.  Karen Derr, who is currently running for Houston City Council At Large Position 1, has what it takes to keep Houston moving forward and to help protect our citizens and our four-legged friends!  Isabella and I first met Karen at an event being held for her at Urban Tails.  That night she discussed numerous issues of importance to Houston's animals and their human caretakers, all of which Isabella and I believed she would address if elected (I was so excited to hear that she is a big supporter of spay/neuter initiatives and understands the importance and need for groups like SNAP in Houston).  Shorty after that event, Derr successfully made it into the runoff for her City Council bid and I am excited to share a different side of the candidate and her pooch Iggy!  

If you don't already know, Karen Derr is super-savvy, intelligent and has a great sense of humor! Each time I have encountered her she is smiling, which I think is awesome!  I have always thought that good leaders surrounded themselves with excellent advisors and I have to say she has one of the best groups of campaign staff and volunteers, like our friends Lance and James, to name a few!  Beyond the job responsibilities, which Karen will excel at, she will be a great City representative and a perfect liaison between City government and the people of Houston. I encourage everyone to visit her to learn more about her and her plans for Houston.  I also encourage everyone to go out and VOTE in the runoff on December 12th! Now, let's learn a little more about Iggy and his human Karen Derr...


HDB:    How did you meet your canine companion?   

Derr:    Well I found a lost white miniature schnauzer and fostered him for two weeks while I searched for his owner.  I fell in love with that dog, but I finally found the owner and he was so happy to have his dog back.  It had been 14 years since I had a dog and I thought it was time to add an addition to my family and that is how Iggy came into the Derr family.

HDB:    What is your favorite memory of your pup?  

Derr:    My favorite memory is a recent one.  During the campaign when the whole team would gather to discuss something important – we usually sat at the dining room table.  Iggy would jump up in one of the empty chairs that had accumulated around my table and would just sit there and listen intently.  He wanted to make sure he was “in the know.”

HDB:    What is your favorite thing to do with your dog?  

Derr:    I love to see how excited he gets when I tell him we are going to go walk with his cousins Cody – a Jack Russell Terrier and Maggie – a Bichon/Poodle mix.

HDB:    Does your dog do any fun tricks or have a hidden talent?  

Derr:    He can sit, lay down and shake hands.  His hidden talent is that he can dust with a duster!  He also taught his cousin, Cody, how to sit!  So he is not only a good house-keeper, but he also moonlights as a dog trainer.

HDB:    If you had to describe your dog in one word, what would that be?  

Derr:    Bossy

HDB:    If your dog could talk, what would he say?  

Derr:    “It sure makes for a long day supervising all these humans I am in charge of.”

HDB:    If your dog was a celebrity, who would they be?  

Derr:    Steve Carell

HDB:    What song best represents your pooch? 

Derr:    I Fight Authority, Authority Always Wins

HDB:    Does your dog blog?  

Derr:    Unfortunately not, but I will mention it to him.  You never know…

HDB:    Is there an animal charity or group that you and your pooch are passionate about? If so, tell us more about the group!  

Derr:    I am very excited about a brand new non-profit organization by the name of Homeless Animal Partnership Initiative (HAPI) because the people starting it up are very close friends of mine.  But I genuinely appreciate all the animal rescue groups in our city working hard to improve the lives of homeless animals.

Special thanks to Brett Chisholm for the great shots of Karen and Iggy.  For a quick look at some of th e reasons you should vote for Karen Derr, click on the images below :0)!

NewPCFront NewPCBack 

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