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Very Foul band breathe with green

Posted Dec 03 2009 8:58am
pet’s breed: Shih Tzu
pet’s age: 10
pet’s sex: Male
previous treatment:

has been on predisone over and over..several antibotics, and nothing seems to help.


THis odor is so bad you nearly vomit, green discharge comes out, he smacks all the time like hes trying to swallow it..and has trouble eating. The vets says is not teeth and I haveone tell me that his glands in the right side of his neck are very large. This has been about a year and I am thinking of putting him asleep and I am so sad about that but he cant come in the house anymore. Please anyone help me if anyone knows what I can do..



Unfortunately I can’t tell you what exactly is the problem, because I can’t examine on-line. But if some vet tells you that his right gland is swollen, a vet should examine that gland and give right diagnosis. In case if the gland is the main problem, and in this case can be the cause of discharge, than appropriate treatment is required. Probably extripation (removing) of the gland would be the best solution if medical treatment is not effective.

Best wishes,


Damjan Pavlovski DVM


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