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Vaccines Responsible for Genetic Impact That Delivers Disease Response »

Posted Mar 02 2010 12:00am

Once again I share some insights into the dark truth about vaccines. Many humans will want to naysay. The companies behind them will want to discredit those who share the truth. But the truth always wills out and just because you might not believe it does not negate it. Once again holistic veterinarian Dr. Patricia Jordan says it without white-washing anything, she just shares the ugliness of what she uncovers bepaws it has to be uncovered since it’s normally buried and hidden from public purview. But we dogs LOVE humans who DIG for the truth, WOOF!

Following is commentary regarding vaccines from holistic veterinarian, Dr. Patricia Jordan , author of Mark of the Beast: Hidden in Plain Sight Well, it is now uncovered that the antigens in vaccines, the microbial proteins and the viral proteins are quite capable on their own in impacting the histocompatibility markers on the tissues and being responsible for the “genetic predisposition” of that particular dis-ease expression. Also, viruses are not alive or dead they are simply packets of protein sequences that when in the presence of receptive and susceptible living cells are able to infect and replicate. So…….injection is the same as infection. It is the incorporation of those gene sequences and the attachment to sites that even direct and drive an individuals expression of disease following impact of vaccine and immune system.

There is no longer any excuses.

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