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Urgent Action Needed – CA Rabies Bill AB2000 »

Posted Jun 15 2010 12:00am

This whole thing just gets more and more ugly. It seems the government of CA wants to ignore the TRUTH about adverse events in animals even though veterinarians are contacting them to let them know that their reasons for rejecting a good bill for one that will only serve to make dogs sicker and pharmaceutical companies richer are going unheeded and ignored. Humans for dog sake, please contact these legislators and let them know you want exemptions for sick, elderly and ailing animals along with NOT forcing them to be quarantined until they can be jabbed. That means keeping them away from their owners until it is deemed they are well enough to get an ANNUAL rabies vaccine even though there is NO science to back up the annual vaccine. AND there is PLENTY of evidence pointing to the huge amount of adverse events from this vaccine. They are making false claims folks to ram this horrific bill down the throats of Californians that will cause even more suffering and harm to dogs! Please help bepaws if it passes there it could sweep the country and undo all the good work that has been done in proving the dangers of all this overvaccinating!

First here is Dr. Jean Dodd’s letter to these legislators so you can read how she disputes their false claims of these vaccines having no scientific evidence of adverse events.

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