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Update on my origianl question about my dog urinating in the house

Posted by graig

Once again for the second time I took my dane/sheperd mix to the vet since her spaying about 3 weeks ago. This time I was told they believe she has an ulcer (could be result of surgery) they also believe the sutures used in the surgery are giving her an allergic reaction causing her to not eat and also causing her alot of pain. I was also informed by my vet that the pain medication my dog was given during the surgery may have caused some type of allergic reaction.  The clinic were I took my dog for her surgery was a low cost clinic, that was operated by the county I live in. My vet told me she advises against using any type of low cost clinic for the fact that they use the cheapest forms of medicines and surgery materials. This all being said, my question is at what point do people trying to help animals by giving low cost programs, actually begin hurting and damaging the animals more than actually helping them. I am pissed at what has happend. I have now spent double the money than what I would have spent if I would have just let my vet do the surgery to begin with!!!  Maybe the federal government should start investigating these so called Animal Rescue Organizations who claim they prevent animal cruelty but after my experience my question is. DO THEY REALLY!!!!
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I am sorry to hear of your experience with the low cost clinic.  You have raised some valid points and, perhaps, it is time to allow your regular veterinarian to do the follow-up work on this problem.  Unfortunately, what's happened is what's happened, and you can't change your previous decisions.  However, you can give your dog all the help possible by allowing your veterinarian to help both of you.  Hopefully, your dog hasn't encountered something that is irreversible.

Good luck with this!

Helpful Buckeye

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