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trauma to upper inner eyelid, is swollen with blood, do I just apply ice or does the blood need to be removed

Posted by Judy

the bloody upper inner eyelid makes it hard for her to blink but she did not wince or whine when I examined it.  Will ice take the bloody swelling down and in time will it absorb back into her system and go away?
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Do you know what caused the trauma?  Was it a blow of some type to the eye area or did some type of foreign body get under the eyelid?

If it was a blow to the area, then cold compresses or ice might reduce the swelling enough to make your dog comfortable.  You should still have her examined to see if there was also any damage to the eye itself.

If there is something stuck under the eyelid, then it needs to be removed ASAP.  Not only is that what causes pain, but it also can cause damage to the cornea.  Have her checked out soon.

Helpful Buckeye


Thanks for your concern.  It ended up to be caused from a scratch that caused the protursion of the eye lid and scratched the cornea causing an infection as I noted corneal cloudiness the next day.  She is on antibiotic ointment now and I pray the trauma doesn't cause blindness.

Good luck with the corneal cloudiness.  That will sometimes respond to treatment and clear up nicely.  Keep in touch with your veterinarian if you see any changes to the cornea that don't make sense.

Helpful Buckeye


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