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Tips for Choosing A New Name for your Dog

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:09pm

Keep in mind that a dog's name is for the long-term. Here are some things to consider when choosing the best one for your new pet:

-What ever you do when you choose a dog's name, make sure it's a name that brings up a positive image in your mind. You don't want to name your dog something like "Killer." When you tell someone your dog's name is Killer, right off the bat people will think he's a bad dog and may try to avoid your pet.

-Keep in mind that you're going to be saying this name a lot. From training, to calling him, to telling others the dog's name, you want something that rolls off the tongue with ease. Long, hard to say names make it tougher for the dog to learn, and for you to constantly say.

-You don't want the dog's name to sound like a command. A common command is "sit." If you name your dog "kit" you're just asking for problems. Think of other dog commands. With our pup, we use shake (for giving his paw), sit, stay, lay down, and do your business, to name a few.

-You don't want the dog's name to sound like other pets or people in the house. This will confuse the pets (and perhaps the people too!). Calling your son Blake to dinner might confuse your dog Jake to thinking you're calling for him instead.

-You want something that will fit the dog's size and personality when it gets older. It's the equivalent of calling a kid "Billy" who then wants to be referred to as William when he's all grown up. Same with dogs. Do you want to call your dog a name as an adult that doesn't fit his size and personality?
Coming up with a name for your special new pet can be a lot of fun, and the possibilities are endless. Avoid these pitfalls and you won't regret whatever name you pick.

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