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This is a very sad story to shar...

Posted Sep 12 2008 6:31pm

mandatory spay-neuter

This is a very sad story to share bepaws my featured friend this week is no longer on this earth but he is here in spirit I’m sure, WOOF! His mom, Dona, is here to share their story of love….


When I had a miscarriage I condsidered getting a dog. My Dad, a real dog lover, jumped on the idea. We searched and searched for the right puppy. I told my Dad, I don’t know where he is, but when I meet him, I’ll know it and his name is “Champ.” Finally, I found him at a no-kill shelter; he was about 6 weeks old. He was a Shepherd mix and had mange, worms and God know what else. There were other dogs around and when a friendly Greyhound 10 times his size came over to sniff me, Champ jumped up and bit him right in the butt, chasing the Greyhound from the room. My father and I laughed uproariously. Dad and I looked at each other and said, “That’s him.”

Champ licked me all the way home and from that day on it seemed I was his whole world. He was my constant companion, my confidante, and my protector. He had an unbelievable desire to please me. You may not believe this, but if I would sneeze, Champ would come running from wherever he was to check on me! He was there when I miscarried, when my husband went on the road for his career, when I became pregnant, when my son was born, when I got divorced, and when my father died. When I lost a beloved nephew to a drug overdose, my dog lay on the floor with me while I sobbed so hard I thought I would split in two. He was 14 when I put him down on Labor Day 2006. I will never know if it was the right day. My biggest fear in that regard is that he is somewhere wondering why.

Champer Doodle, I think of you every day; you were not just a pet. I loved having you to come home to. I love you dearly still and hold you close to my heart. Everyone misses you and when we talk about you all anyone can ever say is, “he was the best.” The very, very best. I tried to give you a good life and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. There was something in your eyes that made me feel it was time for you to move on from here. It wasn’t the symptoms; individual or cumulative. It was your eyes. No doctor, no test, no diagnosis could ever say what they told me. I couldn’t let a life so beautiful end in unnecessary suffering. Wherever you are, I hope you understand.


From Kim and Shadrach:
We know that Champ chose you. He is still the guardian of your heart. He chose to be your loyal servant. He is a reminder to us all of our First Love. He understands I’m sure. And I’m certain Champ is in heaven with Him.

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, forever loved day, WOOF!

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