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This is a VERY good article abou...

Posted Sep 12 2008 9:39am

The Rabies Challenge Fund: A Personal Note from Dianne Sever

This is a VERY good article about the reason why we dogs need for this Rabies Challenge Fund to happen. Please, be a part of the solution to help the fund go forward so that we animals won’t have to be subjected to mandatory rabies shots. Thank you, WOOF!

Ravette-Jodevin Th’ Tanist
(Ch. Tartanside Impresario X Ravette Pandemonium)

More than eleven (now over twelve years) years ago this magnificent life was delivered into my hands. Conor, and the Greater Power, trusted me to ensure his safe journey through this world. I failed them both miserably through my own ignorance as well as by placing my faith blindly in the hands of conventional veterinary “wisdom”.

Of all people I should have known better. My studies to that point had revealed the dangers ALL vaccines pose to our four-footed-wonders. I had eliminated non-core vaccines from my dogs’ life experience and was already feeding a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet (B.A.R.F. diet). I was well on my way to making their time spent on this planet the healthiest it could possibly be save one obstacle…the dreaded MANDATORY Rabies vaccine.

Despite my reservations, which were based upon Conor’s adverse reaction to the initial rabies vaccine given at six months, I allowed my previous veterinarian to administer a “booster” rabies vaccine at 1.5 years of age. Within hours Conor was disoriented and “fly biting”. Within days he was experiencing full blown cluster seizures. Within weeks, in spite of conventional medication (pb; valium), I was burying my beautiful boy in the pouring rain while silently screaming “Never EVER again”.

Among dog lovers who Naturally Rear our companions we have a term for these beloved creatures like Conor. They are our Teaching Dogs, for they guide us along this ever enlightening path to supreme health for their brethren.

Aside from being a light in my life, Conor’s contribution to this world is the work I have done on his behalf. From our tragedy was born the “ Just Say No To Vaccines ” email community where we support and help to educate those owners of four-footed-wonders who have begun to think beyond the scope of conventional theory.

Finally, our voices are being heard loud and clear, more and more often. The Rabies Challenge Fund will not only support the study into long term immunity but will, in time, serve to convince mainstream America of the deadly consequences we endure should we simply accept protocol which is based solely on a fiscal bottom line rather than on good clean science.

The Canine Connection has pledged 5% of every full-service groom to The Rabies Challenge Fund. Chris and I implore you, for the sake of your own four-footed-wonders, to contribute whatever you can to this most worthy and noble cause.

May we all soon enjoy a future where our loved ones are not subjected to unnecessary vaccines - the use of which is based solely on studies conducted by the companies who profit by their proliferation and the chronic disease they create.

In Light,

Dianne Sever
Ravette-Jodevin Collies
Co-Owner of The Canine Connection Salon
To learn more join “Just Say No To Vaccines” please go to:

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, rabies challenge fund day, WOOF!

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