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The Puppy Owner’s Essentials you Hadn’t Thought of

Posted Aug 06 2013 12:00am

Adding a dog to the family is an exciting, but often daunting, experience. It’s almost like bringing a baby home for the first time; you’re not quite sure if you’re qualified to handle the responsibility and it can be really nerve racking. You’ll feel much more prepared if you have a kit of essentials already acquired so you’re ready for any situation that the new family member might bring.


In case you don’t already have a pile lying around, it’s a good idea to start reading the papers a week or so before your puppy comes home. If you’re using a puppy crate , have his bed and blankets at one side and line the other side with newspaper, that way when he’s secured at night time he won’t be forced to mess his bed. In the morning, you can simply throw away the newspapers and replace them with new ones. Hopefully, he’ll soon realise that the newspaper is the toilet at night time (or his personal en-suite, if you like!)

A Dog Tag

You’ve no doubt already got the lead and collar, but what about the tag? A dog tag isn’t just a novelty; it actually has practical use should your dog ever get lost. One mistake many dog owners make is to have the tag engraved with the dog’s name. If your dog is a desirable pure breed you’re likely to have paid a lot of money for him, and dog thieves are well aware of his worth. If a thief is able to read your dog’s name, it’s much easier for them to lure him away should he ever be lost or even tied up outside a shop. The tag really needs to feature your details rather than your dogs, so have your phone number and address engraved onto it so should anyone ever find him, they know who to contact.

Antibacterial Spray

Your biggest battle initially is likely to be toilet training. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that your puppy will do his business on your carpets, rugs, wooden flooring and anything else you don’t want him to do that on. Having a few bottles of antibacterial spray to hand will kill any germs, and if you pick a pleasantly fragranced one it should help to stop things getting smelly.

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