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the base of my dog's nail is a dar red color, this is definatly not the quick.

Posted by Tony T.

dog's nail  the quick is a pink color. I have been searching online for an answer to this issue and I have noticed alot of people have the same question. And these people have pitbull's or staffordshire terrier. my dog as well is a Pitbull. So I was wondering if it is something that is related to the breed. but more importantly what is it? and his nails are not long. it is not dirt. The dar red color is inside the base of the nails. and they are on all his nails

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I hope someone can answer this, because I have a 7 month pitbull with the same problem.
this is a fungal infection caused by malassezia furfur and it needs prolonged and expensive oral treatment using ITRACONAZOLE. my boxer has the same and i have researched it, and my vet also came up with the same diagnosis. i still have to start treatment, so i cannot tell u about the results.
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