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symptoms of dog poisoned

Posted by kurb

Yesterday when i went outside to play with my dog she was acting very strange. i let her out and she walked a little bit and had to sit down, when she got up she pottyed and when she did it was straight blood. usually she is a very hyper, playful dog. throughout the day she seemed to get better so i layed down for a while. when i went to go put her back in her pin she couldnt even get up and walk. so i carried her into our barn. she started breathing heavier and heavier and she was dehydrated but wouldn't drink. her gums were a very light pink almost white and black and purple. about 2 hours after she was in the barn she died. im still trying to figure out what happened to her. a friend of mine thinks its parvo but i think she was poisoned. there are alot of people around my neighborhood that did not like my dog and would most likely kill her in a heartbeat, so thats why im trying to figure out what she died from. if anybody can help me figure this out it would be very appreciated!
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If your dog was running loose, it's very possible that she was hit by a car. Getting hit on the rear end is a common and when this happens the dog's pelvis can be fractured.  When this occurs, there may also be other internal injuries, including to the bladder and spleen, among others. Sometimes the impact when they hit the ground causes the thin membrane between the abdomen and the chest to tear and forces part of the stomach and inteststines into the chest cavity. Dogs with a fractured pelvis can walk and trauma to the bladder will cause bloody urine that looks like blood. Injuries to organs can cause internal bleeding that can produce shock, which causes the change in breathing and the change in the color of her gums. If there was a tear in her diaphram, that would also lead to shock and death if untreated.
the only time that she was out was when she was on her zip line. if we let her loose, she would run all over!

I found this information from this site because our dog was suddenly weak (could barely stand up), and we feared he was poisoned. We called the vet as soon as this was noticed, I insisted we get him some blood tests later. Anyway, I found the info on that site very useful.

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