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Stem Cell Regenerative Treatment

Posted Jan 26 2010 2:29pm

Stem cells are one of the current hot topics. There is a lot of excitement around it, as well as controversy. My friend recently had a baby and she is having stem cells from her baby's cord banked. How cool is that?

But did you know that stem cell regenerative therapy is available for dogs? Vet-Stem, California based regenerative veterinary medicine company, has been making this possible for a few years now. First used to treat horses, it has been available to treat dogs since 2005.

And this treatment comes without controversy. Vet-Stem technology is using stem cells extracted from the patient's own fat tissue.

It doesn't come cheap, but neither do many drug treatments over time. Regenerative therapy addresses the problem at the root, instead of just masking the symptoms. It does involve a minor surgery and anesthesia is needed. But there are many testimonials to the great results it brings, and our Jasmine is one of them.

Stem cell regenerative therapy? Something to defenitely take note of.

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