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staggering and hoarse cough

Posted by Judy

My 2 yr. old female dachshund all of a sudden is walking as if drunk and stumbling.   She ate 2 dishes of her food, kibbles and all, which she has never eaten so much.  She is drinking a lot of water and has a hoarse cough.  She still trys to  play but is not really up to it.  Any suggestions on what this is and what I can do on a Sunday night??

Thank you!

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Stumbling and waling as if drunk are serious symptoms. I'm sure there has to be some veterinary emergency near you who you could call?
Did you take her temperature? Are you sure it's a hoarse cough and not heaving? Is there abdominal pain or swelling? Either way though, I would at least call the emergency vet near you.
No, I haven't taken her temp and she seems to be feeling better the past hour or so.  She is not as disoriented and her eyes look better.  I am thinking she probably ingested a spider etc.  She had the same symptoms only much more severe when she was 12 weeks old and weighed only 2.5 pounds.  She was put on an iv pumping antibiotics into her and kept overnight. thinking must be another bout of the same only now she is larger and able to shake it off easier.  If she is not totally up to snuff tomorrow am. we will get her off to the vet.  Thanks for the help.

Glad to hear she's feeling better! :-)

Keep an eye on her, and I would still check the temperature anyway, just to be on a safe side.

Not sure how antibiotics are a treatment for an ingested spider?

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