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Spray a Drug into Your Dog’s Mouth

Posted Dec 19 2010 2:17pm

Trying to give a pill to your dog or cat is a tough task, if your pet is unwiling to cooperate. Each owner seems to have a special way of administering a pill, from hiding it inside a weenie, to crushing it up into dog food, to jamming it down their throats.

But quite often, dogs will spit it back out later on, or simply refuse to eat.

A company in New Jersey, NovaDel Pharma, Inc., has developed technology that will allow you to spray a liquid form of the medication into a dog’s mouth, thus being absorbed through his tongue, gums, and cheek. The technology, referred to as “lingual spray technology”, not only makes it easier to administer medication, but it also reduces the amount of required medication because it bypasses the stomach, going straight into the bloodstream. By going directly into the bloodstream, it allows medications to take quicker effect.

NovaDel Pharma, Inc. announced yesterday that it has entered into an agreement with another company, Velcera Pharmaceuticals, Inc. of Langhorne, PA, to develop medicines for this new technology.

“In our years of experience and technology assessment, we have yet to see a drug delivery platform as robust and versatile as NovaDel’s lingual spray technology,” commented Velcera’s Chief Executive Officer Dennis Steadman, the former vice president of North American Operations for Merial Ltd.

“Particularly in the pet market, which is our initial focus,” he continued, “there is a definite unsatisfied need to ease the physical and emotional discomfort of drug administration by pet owners and to help improve compliance for better therapeutic outcomes. We have an excellent team at Velcera and strong financial backing. Now, with our NovaDel partnership we have a strong proprietary position to offer better versions of high value off- patent animal pharmaceuticals as well as look at some newer molecules.”

A trial conducted at an independent facility sponsored by Velcera showed that NovaDel’s delivery technology was well accepted by cats and dogs and that it could represent a significant leap forward in simplifying pet-owner administration of medicines.

For more information, visit NovaDel Pharma at: and Velcera Pharmaceuticals at:

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