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Sprain or not

Posted by cpackerfan65

On October 15, I was watching a 4 mo old English Bulldog, my son was helping me get the pup in the house caused I asked for someone to help me get him in the house.  My son told me that the puppy was squirming in his arms and the pup accidentally slipped out of arms and fell down to the ground. The pup never yelped, cried,showed no sign of pain during the whole day and night. The next day around 12:30pm the pup had a slight limp and than you wouldn't see it. I checked to see for some swelling and the pup nevered wimpered, cried again and or pull away his leg from me. It was the front right leg let me say.  During the couple of hours I had the pup in my care he played normal, he even got up on my baywindow with out no problem. When the owners came for him, I told them he was slightly limping and than he wouldn't. He looked good to all of us when he watch him walk around the owners and me. They said they would watch him, later in the evening I got a call that the pup was lifting his leg and not putting any pressure on it, but when he was with me and they camed for him he wasn't doing any of that, it would have been very noticable! I told her what had happen and I told her well than take him to the vet.  The next day early evening, I get a call, the owner tells me he has a sprain and than was giving him aspirin for the pain.  Now 18 days ago this happen when she said he had a sprain, 13 days ago she called me to say the pup was not officially diagnose with a sprain it was an assumption as how she put it, and he didn't have a major injury when he was in my care for them to go ahead to examine him.  But than the owner said 4 days after the pup was out of my care that he did have a sprain.

Very confusing if you ask me...  now it gets even worst!  A week goes by when the pup was out of my care. I am told the dog was sedated and a vet had to go in by hand to put the bone in place..okay now a dislocation?!  Also surgery in acouple of days after the vet going in , the pup has to have pins put in to keep the bone in place but they couldn't the bone was too soft. I think that dog reinjured himself and the owner was not taking the necessary steps with the sprain. I am being blamed for all of this but I should be only liable for the sprain.

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