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Spot on the stomach (Schnorkie puppy)

Posted Oct 20 2008 8:51am


Question :

I haved a five week old schnorkie puppy with a spot on his stomach that is flaking and he is losing hair. It just keeps getting bigger with the flakiness around the edge. If you try to remove the dying skin it takes his hair out too. He has 4 other littermates that do not seem to be affected by this. I am not sure what it is or what needs to be done. Other than this he is a healthy thriving puppy. Can you suggest something for this to keep it from spreading larger. His skin is very dry and flaking around the edges but where he has lost his fur it looks totally normal, just like his belly skin. This area is underneath him just coming up his side. I don’t think it is contagious but I don’t know what to do about it.


answer :


A “spot on the stomach” may occur with various disorders and it is very difficult to make a diagnosis online.

I note that you do not believe the problem to be contagious. However, I would like to point that skin disorders in young animal are very frequently infectious and therefore contagious.

From your description of a flaky spot that is getting bigger, one may suspect ring worm (dermatophytosis). To avoid the risk of dealing with a widespread and difficult to treat infection, I would strongly recommend to seek veterinary attention early . A skin scrape and fungal/bacterial cultures may prove necessary to make a precise diagnosis.

Obviously, those are words of caution and you may be dealing with a simple superficial bacterial infection which may resolve with a topical (cream/ointment) antibiotic.

Best wishes, Julien


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