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Spindle cell tumor on dog

Posted by Susie

I have a 7 year old dog with a tumor on her lower leg near her paw.  The vet took an aspiration and decided it was a spindle cell tumor.  It has gotten larger in the last two months, all the while we are giving the dog Essiac tea and Dr. Budwig's protocol of cottage cheese blended with flax seed oil.  The dog really perked up with these additions to her usual raw food diet and bones.  She is now energetic and feeling fine, but the tumor is larger.  The vet has little information except to cut off the tumor and see what happens. 

 Any advice or suggestions would be gratefully accepted!

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Get it removed.  My 12.5 year old Siberian husky was dropped off today to have his cancer remoed above his paw.  This will not go away unless surgery is done.  The longer you wait, the worse it will get and the more time it will have to get into your buddies blood  and travel to his lungs.  It will also grow in size and wrap itself around ligiments, blood vessels and muscles which makes it more difficult to remove.  I am waiting as I type for the surgeon to call me with the results.  My wife and I love our dog so much.  Its hard to watch this horrible cancer slow my dog down and create discomfort for him to the point were it may be better for him to fall asleep for good.   
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