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sore on the top of dogs mouth?

Posted by moparpuggle

I have recently discovered a round pink spot on the top of my dogs mouth towards the throat.  She hasn't shown any signs of discomfort.  I never heard of this before.  I was wondering if anyone had an idea.
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The key is whether this is a normal variation in pigment in your dog's mouth that you never noticed before or whether you routinely check her mouth and this is something new. Mouth pigmentation normally can vary from uniformly black to pink with all sorts of combinations between. On the other hand if this is something that's recently appeared or if the area is raised or irritated, then you should have her checked by your veterinarian.

The fur is gone there? No scratching or irriation? The fur is gone in the spot? When did you notice this?

It's hard to tell you what it could be without seeing it. Possibly have this checked out by your vet, especially if it gets any worse. Just because a dog doesn't act like it's bothering them doesn't mean it isn't. They are very stoic by nature which is a survival mechanism for them in the wild - never show weakness in other words.

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