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Something is wrong with my dog.

Posted by kp4310

About 3 weeks ago I had my dog to the vet for his shots and asked about his legs.  We felt he was walking strange.  They think its a possibility of hip dysplasia but need x-rays to be sure.  Those xrays will cost us over 300.00.  Now he seems to be losing control over his front legs.  They give out on him when he tries to sit, only to fall into a laying position.  He struggles to get up and walk.  Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this.  I am trying to find a cheaper vet as my husband is laid off from work and we only have my pay which isn't much.
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Forgot to mention he is only a year old.  A rottie/shepard mix and weighs 96 pounds.  We were told to feed he less because he needs to lose 20 pounds. 
I would suggest you to first get an X- Ray done. It is important to diagonose the problem that is troubling your dog. I understand that cost of the X-Ray is expensive but if you want your dog's condition to improve then you should do something about it.
Did you consult any vet on that and jhow is your dog doing? Hope he is all fine and good at health.
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