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Snookie RETURNS!

Posted Apr 14 2013 6:40pm

Snookie_sunbathing You betcha, Snookie has returned as she is not only still alive, but she now has rallied AGAIN after her humans thought she was definitely going downhill. Paula has shared some very valuable information I wanted to pass on to you. Snookie’s humans have learned so much on this journey and I wanted you to see how they evaluate Snookie’s progress or decline, then adjust what they do to help her. Keeping things simple has been the BIGGEST lesson they have learned!!!

I really admire all they have done to insure Snookie’s senior years are quality ones and how they never give up on her :-) So let’s join Snookie on her latest update – please refer back to all of the previous posts on Snookie so you can learn her entire history as well as understand things like “Zoom Zoom” strolls :-) . Just plug in the word “Snookie” in our search bar and you’ll see all the posts come up….

Paula WoodsI have to tell you what a truly amazing little girl we have. It’s been a more than a month now when she started to get really finicky about her food and we were to the point of hand feeding her. Seeing how she was slowing down and thinking we’d quit prolonging the inevitable, we decided to quit adding all the vitamins and just stick with her food and digestive enzymes. We stopped giving her the omegas, vitamin C, E, magnesium, and kelp. To our amazement, yes once again, she rallied back to better than we’ve seen her in a very long time. In our ignorant attempts to give her what we thought was the best for her, WE WERE WAY OVERDOING IT!!!!!! She has control of her bladder now and can sleep all through the night without incident. That’s HUGE! We get so excited every morning when we wake to her dry bed. Her craving for water has subsided and is back to normal. She wolfs her food down now on her own and is so much stronger and alert. She sits up a lot more than she did, YEAH! We are true believers, thanks to you and Dr. Jeannie, in the power of natural rearing and the body’s ability to heal itself following the laws of natural health. If it weren’t for her mobility issue, she’d be in good shape considering she’s 15 ½ now. You’d think by now after all her rallying we’d know we can never ever give up on this one! Who knows, we may even see sweet 16 this September if it’s meant to be. Until that time we continue to enjoy every minute.

Oh yes, another thing I started doing every evening is diffusing 6 drops of Frankincense, 6 drops of Thieves, and 3 drops of ImmuPower blend in distilled water for her (these are essential oils by Young Living). She LOVES it and positions herself in front of the diffuser to take it all in. I think we are stabilizing for now. You can surely imagine how thrilled we all are.

Here she is yesterday at the beach and at home. We take an old rug with us on our outings since the area is so rocky SnookieChillin to help protect her hips which have lost all muscle mass due to her immobility. She really is a happy girl now and still enjoys her outings and her Zoom Zoom strolls.”


I was so excited to read this! When I do use supplements, I use a whole food supplement like the one offered from BioAg: or Young Living Essential Oils . Often using isolated vitamins you aren’t guaranteed you are getting much other than a synthetic one which the body can only recognize as a toxin – although I am not saying that is what Paula used because she is very conscientious about what she uses with Snookie. What is so cool about all of this is how Paula figured out to ditch those supplements, stick to the raw diet, probiotics and enzymes, with some Young Living essential oils added to her water as well as diffusing them.

If you’ve read Snookie’s journey, you will know that she needed some help that the diet alone wasn’t providing. But in cases of younger, healthier dogs, the diet is all that is usually needed to correct the imbalance in their bodies. In fact in most cases. We use the essential oils to help facilitate healing UNTIL the dog is well or to facilitate a detoxification where heavy metals and petrochemicals need to be removed as in the case of King – something I need to share here soon even though I did share on a recent Animal Talk Naturally show that information.

Here is what Paula had to say to my comments on that show (I’d share the link but honestly don’t remember which show it was lol): “Sounds like you are having a wonderful time with King. He’s a lucky boy and will even be happier when he gets his new playmate. We’re so happy for you all. I was amazed at your program where you talked about detoxing him and getting tar from his feet! WOW!”. I’ll share more on that on an upcoming blog post. But I do have a bit of information on that on my other blog, A Dog’s View: .

Thank you Paula for allowing us to share Snookie’s update and her healing journey. What a blessing Snookie is to us all!

Until next time…

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day! King says, “WOOF!” Yeah he thinks he’s a BIG dog – he sure has a BIG heart to match his BIG personality :-)

PHOTO ATTRIBUTIONS: Snookie the Border Collie Mix by Paula Woods. Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved.

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