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Snookie in the Snow

Posted Jan 20 2012 6:00pm

Meshach in the Snow Okay you all know that we – previously Shadrach the Neo Mastiff and now me – have shared the healing journey and adventures of our canine friend, Snookie the Border Collie mix. We have an update for you about her and yes she is still with us AND thriving! Wait until you see her gorgeous coat that came in just in time for the winter snow that has descended upon the Pacific Northwest, WOOF! I wished I could be there playing with her in the snow. She says she can’t romp around like I can but I know we’d have fun anyway. I want to share with you the photos of her and what she wrote to MOI about it all. Mom is pleased as punch to see that Snookie enjoyed the holidays and now SNOW!

Here is Snookie’s letter to me:
Hey Meshach! Snookie in the Snow

How are you youngster? I’ve been following your progress on your Bark N Blog and love seeing you in pictures and videos. You sure are growing up to be a big handsome boy! I LOVED watching you play in the snow and was wondering if I’d have the opportunity to play in the snow again. Well, my Snookie in the Snow dream came true! We woke up Saturday morning to a light dusting of snow then again this morning with even more! I’m having a ball!!! I LOVE to lick and eat the snow and I even chased after snow balls Mom threw my way. I surprised Mom and Dad when I actually ran, and I mean ran, across the snow covered driveway. It didn’t last long, just a short sprint. I don’t remember when I ran last! Luckily Mom was videoing me at the time so we have it to watch over and over again. I can’t tell you how much fun I’m having! Isn’t it fun playing in the snow? It’s so invigorating!

We are sure glad and so thankful that your Mom has been such a wonderful teacher in Snookie in the Snow guiding Mom and Dad in the natural ways to support my health. You know I’m getting up there in years, over 14 now, and had it not been for your Mom, I know, especially with my background, I wouldn’t be having the time of my life that I am today. You are certainly a lucky boy to have parents who know the right way to care for you right from the start. Enjoy your life Meshach!

Here are some pictures from my morning in the snow. There were a few snow flakes Snookie in the Snow falling while we were out playing in it too. When we came back in I was ready for my breakfast, chicken necks! Yummy! Take care my young friend and Live life to the Fullest Meshach! I know I am! My Love to You Dear Young Friend (I guess I can’t say Little anymore, Ha!) and to Your Mom and Dad too!

And what she said to my Mom Oh Auntie Kim, yes it’s true, God is really good to us. Mom tells me how good He has been to us. She also said I’m like a cat with 9 lives, I just keep coming back! We know there will come a time when we will have to contend with my mobility but until then we are living life to the fullest considering my capabilities. Snookie in the Snow

Considering my background history, we’re delighted with my progress at this stage in my life. You are responsible for teaching us the natural ways to deal with health issues and I’m living proof that following your guidance can make a tremendous difference in the health of even senior pets who were not reared naturally. Thank you Auntie Kim for always delivering the message to the humans who we need to truly care for us the way we so desperately need to be cared for. Keep up the wonderful work you do! All My Love!

Snookie you so RAWk! We love you!!! And thank you for allowing us to share your updates with our readers – you are so inspiring to all of us who are being naturally reared or switched to natural rearing, WOOF! And your humans also RAWk for wanting to care for you holistically, following the laws of health mandated in nature.

I’ll be back soon with more adventures, AND sharing more of my naturally reared friends and family!

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day, woof!

If you need guidance helping your dog with a whole health, naturopathic, naturally reared lifestyle just go to my Mom’s consultation page at

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