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Snookie’s New Adventures

Posted Nov 02 2011 5:00pm

Meshach the Great Dane puppy gnawing on yard plants You all have read about my friend Snookie here on Bark N Blog before. Just do a search and you’ll find the blog posts on her or look under the category “Featured Animal Friend of the Week“. Of course my friendship with Snookie is inherited as she was my predecessor Shadrach’s friend first. But now she’s my friend too, woof!

The majority of Snookie’s life was spent in conventional rearing but she has been VERY loved nonetheless. Once her humans learned the natural approach to caring for her after listening to ALL of the Animal Talk Naturally podcasts, well her life took a dramatic turn…for the better, woof!

Snookies New Adventures I love sharing her adventures bepaws she sure is living the REAL dog’s life now! She gets to go on outdoor adventures all the time now with her humans bepaws they are both retired. Mom said to me that means they don’t have to work at a job anymore and have time to take Snookie on all these GREAT dog adventures now in their new community. Snookies New Adventures Sometime I’d like to go visit Snookie so we could play in water together and romp all around in the woods. That would be a DOG DREAM for me, woof! She and I could explore things together, splash in the water, dig in gardens, and find really smelly dead things together! Maybe she would even be up for a game of tuggy with me. I just know Snookie and I would have the BEST time together! We’ll see if the humans can ever coordinate that, woof!

Here is what Snookie had to say about their adventures – Snookie calls my Mom, Auntie Kim which means she is my pawsome dog cousin:

Snookies New Adventures Hi Auntie Kim!!

Boy is Meshach growing to be a big boy! I sure like to follow his journey. Looks like he has a lot of friends too! That’s great to have friends to play with! I also like the blog about Meshach’s digging in your flower garden! I know what it’s like to dig in the flower beds, hehe! Mom calls me Diggery Do. I don’t dig much anymore, just a little, but sometimes there just has to be some kind of varmits in there you just have to check out!

I wanted to give you my latest update. We continue to have beautiful weather but Snookies New Adventures indications are that it will soon end. We still go out on our adventures, no new places since my last report though. I LOVE to get out and explore! I went walking with my little Schnauzer buddy Chassie this morning. It’s funny, she sees me coming down the street and starts barking to greet me. Her Dad has a time getting her to walk but when she sees me she wants to walk with me. She’s 8 years old and has diabetes that she gets shots for, poor little girl! I sure wish more people were aware of what unnatural rearing and vaccines are doing to us carnivores. They just don’t realize how much harm it is truly doing and it’s totally unnecessary!

Snookies New Adventures Well, in my last report it seemed that turkey necks were about all I could handle without getting loose stool. Since I had been doing so well with the turkey necks, Mom decided to try chicken backs and necks again for the variety. This time she trimmed all the fat and skin off them since the turkey necks didn’t have any fat or skin so she thought that may be a clue. Well that seems to have made the difference because I’m doing just fine now. I guess at my age and with my background too much fat and skin doesn’t agree with me anymore. Mom does supplements me with Omega 3 fish oil to make up for it and of course my digestive enzymes and probiotics. The combination is working very well for me now. Snookies New Adventures

We had a little scare a week or so ago though. I LOVE to eat my raw meaty bones and bark at Mom to hurry up when she takes too long to prepare my food. I had been doing fine eating on a whole turkey neck but that day I guess I pigged out too much and tried to swallow too big a piece of turkey neck. I started to have trouble swallowing and it seemed to be stuck and I was having a little trouble breathing as a result. Well it was a good thing Mom and Dad always observe me while I’m eating, which every parent needs to do, please remind everyone how important this is, because thanks to their Snookies New Adventures quick response I was able to get through it. Dad tried the Heimlich Maneuver on me and it helped a little but I was still struggling and couldn’t get it back up. Mom and Dad got me up on my feet and rubbed my neck and tummy then Dad sprinkled a little bit of water down my throat which helped. Thanks to Mom and Dad I finally got it down and was, and am, just fine. Mom and Dad were pretty scared, especially Mom. Well now Mom chops my food into smaller pieces so we don’t have this issue anymore. As an older dog, I need a little extra care since I wasn’t naturally reared from the start and we know my system isn’t what it could be had I been naturally reared as Meshach is. This incident was a wake up call for us all but lucky for me it didn’t affect me continuing to eat my raw meaty bones in ANY way! Snookies New Adventures

Ohhhhhhhhh, and Mom recently got me some venison marrow bones! BOY OH BOY I LOVE LOVE LOVE VENISON BONES!! So much so that the other day after I was through gnawing on it for the time, I tried sneaking it from the garage, where I get fed, in through the kitchen so I could safe keep it. Mom was in the kitchen so I snuck around the opposite side of center island in the kitchen from where Mom was so she wouldn’t see me. BUT…then I heard Snookie's New AdventuresNoooooooooks?” Ohhhhhhhh, Busted! Mom knows me too well! I dropped my venison bone on the floor and all Mom could do was laugh and give me a BIG HUG and KISS! She told me I needed to keep my bones outside and picked it up, wrapped it up and showed me she would put it in the refrigerator so it would be safe and I could have it again later when I was ready. Here’s a picture of me with my yummy venison bone. The rugs were meant for keeping some of the foot dirt out of the house but I always go for the rugs to eat on. Mom’s going to start using towels so we can keep me off the rugs when I eat and she can wash and keep them cleaner.

We’re still waiting for our deck to finish with repairs so I can go out on it and nap in the sun (for as long as sun lasts up here in the Northwest). They are going to put the railing back up tomorrow so I’ll be able to spend time again on the deck. You can see a little section of the deck in the background with the rails and glass missing. The deck goes all around the back and side of the house and there’s a larger area along the side I like to sun in. There’s also a covered area where Mom and Dad put my dog house I like to nap in after sunning. Mom and Dad won’t take the chance of me going out and taking a wrong step and falling off the deck until it’s done so I am missing it. In the meantime, Mom’s been letting me lay out front with her while she works in the flower beds. We don’t have fenced yards up here so my back yard, as far as being on my own, is the deck and the front yard is fine off leash as long as Mom or Dad is with me. I’ve never wander off but we can’t be too trusting because there are coyotes up here even though we haven’t seen one yet. I don’t want to be a coyote’s RMB and they can’t have mine!

You can always share my stories. If I can help even one little animal in this world with my story, it would be such a blessing.

Another day Snookies New Adventures We went fishing today at Cranberry Lake. Mom and Dad caught some small perch they are going to have for dinner. I love to lick fish as you can see in my picture here but I don’t eat lake fish because I know it’s not good for me. Dad says I’m just a crazy pup for my age. I used to bark at Mom and Dad whenever they would cast a line in the water because I knew it meant a fish would come soon after and Dad always lets me lick them. Well, now I just bark when the fish is on the line and they reel it in. Dad said he didn’t think I still had it in me to be so rambunctious. I am living proof that no matter what your age is, if you are given a chance to live life the natural way, even after years of unnatural rearing, miracles can happen if you just believe and have the heart to stick with it.

Well I had to let Mom know that when I’m out on my adventures like today, I get hungrier because I’m more active. So when she fed me my chicken backs tonight, I licked the bowl around making it obvious I was still hungry. Then I came into the kitchen and gave Mom the pitiful starving look so she finally got the message and got a couple chicken necks out of the freezer for me. I couldn’t wait for them to thaw so I ate them frozen! Glad Mom’s tuned in!

And yet ANOTHER day Hey Auntie Kim!

Snookies New Adventures Boy we realized it’s been quite a while since I’ve checked in with you. We love watching Meshach grow up and it looks like he’s following in Shadrach’s pawsteps by being a BIG CLOWN! We just LOVE the picture of him upside down on his back! We love the videos of him especially with his big floppy ears! A real cutie patootie! How are YOU doing Auntie Kim? We know you are very busy with your wonderful work and we think of you often.

We’re still keeping busy up here in the Northwest.

We met a sweet, sweet black Great Dane puppy a couple of weeks ago that made us think of you and Meshach. He was 13 weeks old and still had his ears taped. Boy was he a darling puppy, sooooooo much love and what a gooooood boy he was. He stayed right by his Mommy’s side off leash all around the trails. We threw in the fact that I was raw fed and his Mom said they wanted to raw feed him but it would cost them a fortune with his size so he got kibble instead…so very sad! We said it really wasn’t that much different in price but it fell on deaf ears so we let it go. Too bad because he is such a beautiful and good boy not to have the best. We already realized he was in need of something more because he lapped up a LOT of sea water from the shore, almost too much. Mom commented that it probably wasn’t really good for him to drink the salt water and his Mom said he loves the salt water. Oh, well, all we can do is bring it to their attention and hope some day the human parents will realize right from wrong.

We also witnessed a very very sad sight another day. A Mom and Dad were walking their two dogs in the park by the shore. One of them stepped in a wasp nest and the Mom and both dogs got stung multiple times by the swarm that surrounded them. They ran to the shore water and the Dad swatted what he could off the Mom and the poor pups. It was awful to hear the dogs cry from the stings. They finally calmed down and walked off. I hope I never experience that! It just makes Mom and Dad more aware of our surroundings and what we need to be careful of.

It’s getting colder up here and I’m starting to feel its effects. Mom increased my Omega 3 fish 0il and got some Organic Norwegian Kelp that I’m getting in my food and it’s starting to help a little with my itching. We’ve only been on the kelp for a week and a half but we’re starting to see a little improvement. We know it takes a while before it starts to really work so we’re hopeful. I do pretty good in the mornings and early afternoons but I’m starting to have more difficulty walking especially later in the day or when its colder. My back legs show it and Mom and Dad massage me a lot to try to help. I’m going to have to get used to colder weather since we’re approaching that time of year. Mom and Dad are hoping I’ll adjust.

We are loving the change of seasons we are starting to see, this is new to us former So. CA’s.

And Snookie’s improvement update from today Hey Auntie Kim!

Just wanted to give you a quick update. We don’t know what specifically is helping but I’m not itching nearly as much Snookies New Adventures as I was, very little in comparison, and am so much calmer. Mom and Dad are amazed (again!) at the improvement. Mom and Dad aren’t sure what the secret is but are thinking that maybe the kelp is starting to kick in (about 3 weeks now) and making a difference or possibly the added Vitamin E (it’s only been three days). Also Mom and Dad are more diligent about washing off my feed immediately after all my walks and outings with just water. We were using the Thieves Cleaner in water then washing off with plain water but didn’t notice much difference so the plain water works just fine.

Also, I’m getting used to the colder weather and don’t mind it as much. Another benefit of the regimen. I’m trotting better and seem to be doing a bit better with my walking.

We wish we knew exactly what has made the difference, maybe just the combination of everything. It’s all good news and we are all so happy.

We didn’t start on the Sulfurzyme since we didn’t want to get too much going all at the same time. Mom ordered some Great Life Arthro Aid to help with my joints since it includes Yucca root and a number of other natural herbs to help with joint health and flexibility. We’re waiting for it to be delivered. Since I am doing so great with my Great Life Pro+ probiotics and digestive enzymes we thought the Great Life Arthro Aid would be a good complement. We’ll let you know how it works.

Another thing Mom started doing was leaving on some of the skin on my chicken necks to see how I’d do. I’m tolerating it again and no more loose stool. Perhaps I just needed to adjustment to my new environment.

Anyway, it seems at this point that the regimen I’m on now is making a difference. Just wanted to give you a quick update with the good news.

Love you Auntie Kim,

Thank you for sharing your adventures AND your continued healing journey with us Snookie! We love you too!!!

***Note to readers from Dr. Kim: A dog can choke on ANYTHING – toys, a ball, KIBBLE. Don’t allow this incident to make you afraid of feeding dogs their natural carnivore diet of raw meat, bones and organs. It didn’t frighten off Snookie’s humans one bit. What it did was make them realize that we do need to monitor them when they are eating.

I’ll be back soon with more adventures, AND sharing more of my naturally reared friends and family!

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day, woof!

Note from Dr. Kim: Dear reader, if you’d like to learn more about a whole health approach for the care of your dog, then we encourage you to consider our Small Animal Naturopathy Course available through the American Council of Animal Naturopathy . Or for personal guidance obtain a consultation with me. Go to

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