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Skin infections Problem Question

Posted Feb 20 2009 5:42pm 1 Comment

pet’s breed: pincher/rat terrier?
pet’s age: 8 months old

pet’s sex: female
previous treatment:


About five weeks ago or so, my dog got on her front paw something that looked
like a bump. It was itching her right away and in fact she finally bit off the

crusty part of the spot pulling out the hair.
The skin without the hair looked a little inflamed (I put neosporin on it for a
couple of days), however the day after she stopped caring for it and it seemed
like the spot wasn’t bothering her anymore.

I was hoping for the spot to go away but it never did, and it got darker
instead. Now some hair are starting to grow back.
attached here two photos, one is right after she bit off the hair when the
spot was a lighter color, and the other one is how it looks now.
Her skin I believe should be a very pale color. I looked in fact around the

area of the dark spot and it does look a light color under the hair.
The spot doesn’t have pustules, or crusts and it doesn’t look infected
(meaning it’s not moist).
The dog has not touched the spot since the first day.

What that can be? She looks overall okay…
(My dog’s name is Billie and she is a rescued dog. She looks like a rat
terrier/pincher, she is about 8 months old).

Answer :


A patch of hair loss in a puppy should be investigated.

Amongst the various possibilities, skin infections would be on the top of the list:
1. Bacterial infection
2. Fungal infection such as ring worm (dermatophytosis)
3. Mites such as Demodex

I recommend that you visit your local vet. A simple skin scrape may prove diagnostic for demodex mites. a fungal culture might be necessary to diagnose Ring worm. If your vet does not suspect a mite/fungal infection, a course of antibiotic might be all that is necessary to clear the problem.

Best regards,



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Hi I was curious if you ever figured out what the problem was? My 8 month old pug has the same problem, only she has one on her leg, her back and seems like on on her thigh  is forming! please email me if you did ever find out what it was


Thank you Very much 

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