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Sinus infection transfer?

Posted by amandako

Our older Cairn Terrie caught a sinus infection, which our doctor has given us antibiotics to treat.  Just curious if this something transferrable human to dog (my dad had a harsh head cold a couple days ago) and vice versa.  Thanks for your help!
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Generally species have their own diseases that do not transfer from one species to another. There are however some zoonotic diseases, that transfer between species. Some examples are rabies, bird flu or H1N1 virus.

So I think you would have to find out exactly what infection your dog has. I believe your vet should be able to tell you whether your dog's particular infection is zoonotic or not.

Most sinus infections seen in dogs are not of the contagious type.  The fact that your Dad had a head cold at the same time was most likely coincidental. 

A viral upper respiratory infection would be more likely to be contagious than a bacterial one and, since your veterinarian put your Cairn on antibiotics, they must have felt they were dealing with a bacterial problem.

As with humans, dogs with a true sinus infection can be a little slow to completely respond to treatment.  Be sure to use all the medicines you were prescribed and have the dog rechecked if you don't see improvement by the end of the medicine.

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