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Silky Terrier White blood cells is increased

Posted Mar 04 2009 2:25pm

Your Name: Ken Oakes

pet’s breed: Silky Terrier
pet’s age: Three
pet’s sex: Male
previous treatment:

My daughter found this little guy roaming on the roadway, unkept,abandoned. Had
his teeth cleaned and groomed. Two days later started throwing up shaking and
pooping. Vet gave him an IV and sent him home. Next day he was worse. Returned
to the vet overnight and given antibiotics. Released the next day and after
eating started the whole thing over again. The vet is now closed?


The vet said he had an elevated white
count. Blood test showed liver etc
functioning fine. One overnight stay with antibiotics, is that enough. No
medication was perscribed. Daughter has only had this poor little guy
for two
weeks and he is not getting better.



If number of White blood cells is increased, means that some infection is in the body. The body temperature should be increased too in the beginning.
First of all, vet should continue with broad spectrum antibiotics every day until the health of your dog return to normal. If there is a diarrhea streptomycin is antibiotic of choice.
It should get vitamins too, especially group B and vitamin C.
Ranitidine is next medicine and this you can give it as tablets if not throwing up.
Ranital is given against throwing up.
If it’s starving for few days, administer IV fluids.

Best wishes



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