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Severe Adverse Reactions with Topical Flea/Tick Products

Posted Aug 04 2010 10:23am

I’m thinking the readers of my blog aren’t into this type of flea/tick control – and I know your dogs are as grateful as I am to my humans for not subjecting me to these toxic poisons that not only can kill fleas but kill us dogs too, WOOF!

Here is an article about a particular brand

But know this, they are ALL toxic to some degree or other so seek out alternative solutions by starting with 1. Diet – a raw meat and bone diet for your carnivore canines
2. You can use food grade DE for your yards and on your pets
3. My humans use Young Living Essential Oils which are pawsome and have helped me with other health challenges. I have NEVER had a flea or tick problem, WOOF!
4. Stop the vaccines that add to the toxic burden of the body so that the immune system is so inundated it never can work at its optimal.

“I have never recommended any of these products due to the dangers of using neurotoxic chemicals on animals. My concern is that these chemicals cause acute and chronic disease to my friends the animals. My other concern is that the caregivers and their children are being exposed to these chemicals by touching and hugging them 24/7. There are no safety studies on the long term effect of any of these chemicals on children…Any product that tells you to wear gloves, do not get it on your skin and then put on your pet once a month should be warning enough that it is dangerous to be around. These chemicals can cause seizures, liver, kidney, thyroid, spleen and adrenal disease weakness of muscles, labored breathing, in-coordination, increased miscarriages, birth defects, heart and brain disease as well… There are no studies on long term use or the levels of these chemicals in the body. My advice is to make sure your pets do not have this on them and if they do, wash it off immediately and never use it again. Make sure your children’s doctors are aware of their exposure to these chemicals if they are having any acute or chronic conditions that relate to these chemicals. Please pay this forward and save a life.” –Stephen Blake, DVM

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’ NATURALLY healthy day, WOOF!

To learn more about ANY of the above comments go to our Pet Resources Page on our website or obtain a consultation with my human.

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