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Selecting the Cat Sitter

Posted Mar 07 2012 11:22am

You know cats are extremely territorial and also possessive.  They don’t always like their special person to play with other pets.  Also, they are a bit hesitant when new people come into the home.  However, you can’t leave your cat alone when you go away so a pet sitter is a good idea since your cat won’t have to go anywhere and will be in their own territory.

  How Do Cat Sitters Take Care Of Your Cat?

 Cats offer love and companionship to their owners just like dogs.  When you have to travel, you want to make sure that you choose the perfect  cat sitting  service for your cat while you are away.  The cat sitters often provide the perfect companionship for your pet and make sure your cat is content and at ease while you are out of town.   

 Your  cat sitter  will feed your pet, give it fresh, clean water and clear out its litter box on a daily basis.  If your cat allows it, the cat sitter can also play with your pet and entertain them to keep them fit and active.  Should your pet need medication, the cat sitter can administer such medication when needed. 

  Picking the Best Cat Sitter

  Before you pick any  cat sitter, it is best to explore your options.  Check out local cat sitters and interview them to see if they are the best fit for your pet.  You can even invite them over to meet your cat and get acquainted.  If your pet responds to them, they might be a good choice.  Ask for qualifications, references and make sure they have the right amount of experience.  Also inquire about cost but don’t make this a sole determining factor. 

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