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Sasha, Storm and Che – More Raw Fed Dogs! »

Posted May 14 2010 12:00am

I LOVE when I get to feature RAW FED DOGS , especially GIRL dogs, WOOF! Sasha and Storm are the beautiful girl dogs you see eating their RMBs, and Che is the little tiny guy in the tiny photo hehe. I guess that is appropriate isn’t it?

Here is their human, Jen, who regularly comes to our weekly LIVE radio show on Wednesdays on Animal Talk Naturally AND she’s a member of our Natural Health Care for Dogs Group too, to share all about them
Sasha and Storm are half sisters. Sasha I got last July, she had a VERY rough start , we had gotten her and a puppy friend, his name was Zorro(JRT), however he became horribly ill after they, the breeder (silly me didn’t research and got from a puppy mill) gave him a parvo shot and actually came down with parvo and he passed. (BUT wait, wasn’t he immunized for parvo?!?! DUH!!!!) Oh I get so angry thinking about it!!! Anyway…thinking that there had to be something else better for them, but still blinded from the truth, I followed the vets protocol and had her on antibiotics/meds out her rear. She still some how managed to not contract it. I’m not sure how she didn’t now thinking about it, her poor immune system had to be horribly weak. She is my little angel! Anyway, the breeder promised us another Jack Russel and when he was ready to come in December, we went back out to get him, (this is Che). They had another Siberian, in a pen all by herself. I being the dog lover I am, inquired about why this puppy was all by herself, and they said that they were trying to dump her, because supposedly the mom bit part of her tail off while cleaning her after birth and couldn’t sell her as a registered dog!! I didn’t believe it about the mom biting off her tail because she was scared to death of larger men. I couldn’t bear the thought of her not having a full life so we brought her and Che home. We later found out that Storm & Sasha have the same fathers. :-) Sasha just had her 1st birthday on April 25th! Storm’s birthday is September 30th, Che was born October 7th.

Storm & Sasha and I love to bike ride, swim, and play at the local dogs parks!! They really love the mountain bike trails were have here in Kansas City!! Che is still too little to keep up on the bikes, but he loves a good swim and the parks too!!!

Sasha and Storm started RAW at the beginning of April. Che started later because I had to convince my fiance that this was the best thing for him (Che was a present)! It only took about 3 or so weeks for him to realize the change in the the 2 Siberians for him to let me start with Che. I tell you it has made such a HUGE change in them. My once out of control 50 lbs Siberian is now mellow & loving!!!

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